An evening of food, recording & shenanigans at our crypt…

<a href="">Come Dine With Us (invitation song) by Hope and Social</a>

“If music be the food of love, play on” Shakespeare

“Play on, play on” Blackstreet featuring Dr Dre

“Red red wine, it’s up to you” Neil Diamond

Roll up! Roll up!

As part of the recording of Hope and Social Album 2 we’re planning another event at our studio The Crypt. We had a song which James said had the feel of “A French Bistro, in a cave or cellar, with a small jazz band playing, and red candles on the tables”. So, the slightly ridiculous idea to turn the crypt into a bistro and to invite fans down to record the audio and video was born.

On the March the 27th we invite you to “Come Dine With Us” – a recording event evening with food and music.

Come Dine With Hope and Social

Come Dine With.... Hope and Social

Not only will you be provided with 3 courses of lovely food and drink in a “bistro style dining environment” [cough] [pretentious tossers] [cough] and waited on hand and foot by the band (that’s us!) but at the end of the evening we will be recording the last song to go on the new album and everyone who attends will be a key part of that recording. We’ll be wandering round all night dispensing both food and music on whatever portable instruments we can find! Should be a lovely night and we would obviously love to see you there. There will the usual singing along ridiculousness and maybe some little surprise playbacks of songs from the new album…

Go here for full Come Dine With Us details and to buy the very limited tickets.

Tout l’heure!

Hope and Social x

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9 thoughts on “Come Dine With Us

Matt Burrows said:

love it!
you bunch of crazy mofos!
Gordon and Jamie will be brickin it!
Probably can’t make it, but have a fab night, and I look forward to hearing the result.


saltyleaf said:

Great stuff, wish I could have been there. Loved seeing Ben bouncing at 1:25, makes me laugh every time. Don’t enjoy watching any other bands song videos as much as yours. HAS the best.


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