It’s a Christmas Party

The SnowBall

“It’s that time of year, when the world falls in love…”, and we embark on another ill-advised day of fun, frollicks and more Christmas cheer than you can point a stick at. Hope and Social are pleased to announce that on the 4th December 2010 – from 1pm to 8pm, we will be holding…

“The Hope and Social Snowball!”

The Snowball (or if you prefer Snow-Ball – geddit?), or of you’re on twitter the #hssnowball is our Christmas do; a celebration of a year that you’ve helped make amazing, and we want you there to be part of it.

Stuff to Know

  • The event will be in Leeds and involve a tragical history tour
  • We’ll be launching our Ho-Ho-Hope and Social winter ale made by the fantastic Leeds Brewery!
  • There’ll be warming turkey based food goodness for all (apart from the veggies, they’ll get a plate of disappointment)
  • Secret Snowball Santa
  • The event will be family friendly
  • And of course we’ll be knocking your socks of with a Hope and Social gig like nothing you’ve ever seen before…honestly, this is very different…you’ll be amazed.

We’re starting the event around the 1pm mark on the Saturday and like a snowball, it’ll be getting bigger as the day continues. You’ll need to plan to be in Leeds and because of the next point on the agenda, it may be best to book a bed to sleep in or a taxi now. Anyway, for the day… Think big, bold and ballsy.

It’s a Christmas Beer

You'd better be good, you'd better be nice

We’re also hugely excited to be launching a brand new Leeds Brewery made festive beer – “Ho Ho Hope and Social”; a beer to taste of Christmas:

Warm and spicy, a hint of caramel and a tinge of regret. Think fruit, think cranberry, think figgy pudding and chocolate orange. 3 parts happiness, 2 parts sadness.

It’s a Secret

There’ll be surprises. We’re not telling you everything here as we hope that you’ve got a little bit of trust that this’ll be an amazing day without us revealing our whole plan. There will be some bars, there will be some moving around Leeds (so bring a scarf and woolly hat – it’ll doubtless be brass monkey weather), there’ll be festive shenanigans, there’ll be your Hope and Social mates there, from the parties and events we’ve shared this year and before.

It’s a limited edition

The capacity of the room is just 125, so if you’ve bothered to read this far down, it may have sold out by now [wink], but do get yourself over to for the tickets. They’ll be going fast if the last event is anything to go by (it sold out in under 14 hours).

Last Christmas I gave you my heart…

…but the very next day you gave it away, this year you’re getting the Snowball and, you know what, you’re going to love it.

Tickets are a measly £30, a snivelling £20 for under 15s and under 3s can come free (numbers strictly limited however) and are on sale here now so GO Go Go Go Go!

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12 thoughts on “The Hope and Social “SnowBall”

Jeff said:

Blimey what an absolute doosey of a day. The lads and lasses must have worked their nuts and lady things off. Thanks. love,peace and loads of tinsel to you all. X


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