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We Need You

OK, we’ve mentioned the ace Seacroft community Choir Voices of the Day, who’ll be accompanying us at our “Sleep Sound” Launch at The Brudenell Social Club… well we’re amassing a wee choir for the very last thing to go on our album this coming Monday and we’d love to have you along to our studio The Crypt (pictured above).

Tonight (yep, today, this evening, Monday the 2nd of May) at 7-00 PM, we’ll have the kettle on hoping you’ll come and sing the very last lines on what will be the last song on the Sleep Sound album. So, if you have a voice and fancy being on a record with us, we’d love to have you along.

So, if you are interested and have a voice, drop us a comment below and we’ll email you at your registered email address… or if you prefer, email us from here with your phone number and we’ll get in touch.

You know how we like to involve people in our records, though due to (ludicrous self imposed) time constraints and various illnesses, a deadline being brought forward and bank holidays galore, we’ve not been able to do it so much this time, but tonight, we shall. We are limited in terms of numbers (hence posting this only today) do please do comment below and we’ll get in touch imminently.

If you’ve not seen what we’ve done before, here’s an example or two, or three:

Looking forward to hearing from you!


12 thoughts on “Come Sing on Our New Record

Paddy said:

Two short people (one northern, sings with gusto; one southern, more nervous) free and willing to shout!


Scary Claire said:

Debbie and I’ll be arriving in her ‘old van’ ready to sing along and have a great time :) Cya soon!


Simon Fletcher said:

Luke and I would be well up for that if the offer’s still open. We both like tea/coffee and singing


DrFizzy said:

Dang – only got back from Ireland yesterday – I’m sure you got better singers than me though!


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