Crypt Covers LogoWell… here we go! Crypt Covers 4: A New Hope. We are delighted to announce that this Thursday 22nd June we will be joined by the awesomeness of the mighty Chris Helme.

If the concept is new to you here’s what happens. YOU suggest a song you’d like us and Chris to cover (either below in the comments or on Twitter using the #cryptcovers) and we cover it, in one day, in our world famous underground lair – The Crypt. Please include artist and song name in your suggestions! A video of the days shenanigans will be available from the super Shot by Sodium crew on Monday 25th June. You can see all the vids so far towards the bottom of this page.

You can also interact with us on the day as we panic through the day either via Twitter (use the hashtag #cryptcovers) or via the wonder of the Cover it Live Widget thing just below… That’ll show also show anything that anyone says about us during the day so you can keep up right here on this page.

From 8:33 onwards

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Chris Helme

You can listen to Chris’s latest album the Rookery right here:

He can be found on t’Twitter as @chrishelme.

Five things you should know about Chris Helme

1. Chris Helme is a singer songwriter from York. His songs are mostly about human beings being human. He used to sing in an indie guitar band in the 90s called the Seahorses but he got bored. Now he’s not bored at all and spends all of his time time-travelling the cosmos seeking out other humans to sing to. This he enjoys very much. ‘People are mostly nice’ says Chris, which I suppose is good news all round really.

2. Chris was brought up in Osbaldwick, a suburb of York, capital of England. Once. He found out pretty quick that people weren’t very nice there so he ran away until the land ran out into the sea. There, in the salty cold north sea froth, he learned that singing and playing guitar was even better than real life. And so he waded on in until he got wrinkly and lost.

3. Chris confesses to be a pig when it comes to food and drink, however he doesn’t like sprouts as they are ‘the devils work’. ‘Food will be the end of me. It is written’ wrote Chris. He also lives in a house full of old suitcases, where he keeps his extra special secrets. He also keeps his wife and child in one of the cases which he takes along to gigs instead of his cds. He has not managed to sell them as yet, as he admits to being sentimental on occasion and also people tend to frown on such demeaning activities.

4. His full name is an anagram of Hear Morphine Hellcats. Make of that what you may, but it will eventually look like his full name, if you can be arsed.

5. Chris has a brand new album out called The Rookery which he recorded in a deep dark house in the deep dark Yorkshire Dales with his not so deep or dark band members from The Yards, and various other types who stumbled in. It really is rather splendid. You should try it. Feel morally bound to visit for more shhhppeeel appeal.

6. *Chris Helme is not a real person, and does not endorse the views of any person, living or dead. Ever.

Chris Helme’s brand spanking new solo album -‘The Rookery’ available now from

The Story So Far…

We’ve been amazed by the response to the first 3 Crypt Covers with Ellen and The EscapadesShe Makes War, and Sam Airey and the response to them has been tremendous. So no pressure then. The project has a really lovely feel, it’s gathering momentum, and we are all exited about where our collaborators and you take us next.

Crypt Covers Videos

Crypt Covers 1: 22/03/2012 Addicted to Love – Robert Palmer
With Ellen and The Escapades
Video by Shot by Sodium
Song suggested by @scottishpenguin

Crypt Covers 2: 01/05/2012 Dress You Up – Maddona
With She Makes War
Video by Shot by Sodium.
Song suggested by @dana_jade

Crypt Covers 3: 31/05/2012 Won’t Back Down – Tom Petty with Sam Airey
Video by The Blind Club
Tom Petty track suggested by @jasonghiscox
Nina Simone track suggested by @seanmurricane

Join in and help us

We are doing this once a month, all year, and we still have a number of acts to confirm, so if you are interested, or have any suggestions – people we should work with, that sort of thing – please contact us at… “contact [at] hopeandsocial [dot] com” or email us from here.

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