UPDATE 25-10-13

We had an absolutely lovely day in the Crypt on the 23rd October with the rather fantastic Merz. The song we covered was “Old Town” – an obscure track from a Phil Lynott solo album. It was a real pleasure working with Conrad. A real inspiration for us and just a joy to spend time with. Heavily features drums, bass and arpeggios from our aged and allegedly uncool Hammond Aurora.

Here’s the lovely video shot by the always fantastic Shot By Sodium. Enjoy!

Our Crypt Covers are just like buses…. one doesn’t come for ages and then two come along at once. They’re also sometimes a little cold and if you’re not careful you might inadvertently sit on some food that someone’s left on your seat.

Just like a bus we are TREMENDOUSLY excited to announce the arrival of our next Crypt Cover on Wednesday the 23rd October with the absolutely incredible Merz. We’ve been massive fans since his very first single in 1998 and this is a real honour. We might even be a little bit nervous about this 1. V. excited.


UPDATE: Live Blog Now Live! – 23-10-13



If you want to request a cover either add it as a comment at the the bottom of this page, put it on the thread on our Facebook wall or tweet @hopeandsocial or @MERZmusic using the hashtag #cryptcovers. Please include both song title and artist in your suggestion!

We’ll try to update what happens on the day on this page so keep checking back… If you don’t what’s going on you can see our previous Crypt Covers here.

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Merz

#1 Merz was raised in West Yorkshire. Went to Art College in Huddersfield. Next stop was Africa where he made 5 trips over 5 years to record and learn music, visiting 14 different African countries. He currently lives in Bern, Switzerland.

#2 He got his commercial breakthrough as Merz while living in London, the 7″ single Many Weathers Apart became an underground hit in 1998.

#3 He’s made 4 Merz albums with three different record labels (Epic, Gronland, Accidental): “Merz” (1999). “Loveheart” (2005). Moi et Mon Camion” (2008) and No Compass Will Find Home (2012).

#4 He seldom attempts a cover version.

#5 He has a love/hate relationship with Yorkshire.

You can listen to Merz’s latest album “No Compass Will Find Home” just here:

And here’s that very first single “Many Weathers Apart”:

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30 thoughts on “Crypt Covers 9: Merz – Wed 23rd October

Tess said:

My cover suggestion: Not sure if this song is ‘unknown’ enough for the cover you are looking for, but recently reheard one of my old childhood classics: Old and Wise by the Alan Parsons Project. It’s a great song that could do with being covered and bringing it more up to date for a 21st century audience.


Dan Craig said:

The Clash – White man in Hammersmith Palais, David Bowie – Ashes to ashes, Iggy Pop- The Passenger or Nik Kershaw – wouldn’t it be nice.

Sorry to work in so many. It’s too difficult to think of just one!




Natalie said:

May I suggest “Like a Fading Rainbow” by Jenny Wilson. The whole album Hardships! is great and she’s one of my favourite artists, alongside Merz of course. Have fun on the 23rd!


Daniel said:

How about “The Impossible Dream”, Andy Williams, though I’m not sure if he did the original!!!. All time classic!
Modern classic Moving on up, Primal Scream.


Paul said:

Given the ‘plaid’ shirts on display, I’m thinking that you should cover a CCR song: “Keep on Chooglin” or ‘Born on the Bayou’ perhaps? Also, how about a Donovan tune? ‘Catch the WInd’? ‘Love is Hot?’


nat morven said:

A simple Hello by Damien Jurado- deceptively simple but I love the simplicity and the space in the song.. one of those songs that pop up when youre having a bad day. love the boys perspective too


Stacey said:

I’ve put them on Twitter but I thought I better add them here too :-)

Go West – King of Wishful Thinking

Placebo – Every You Every Me

Killing me Softly – The Fugees

And I love the John Farnham track someone else suggested!


Verity said:

No More Running Away – Air Traffic

The John Wayne – Little Green Cars

Do The Right Thing – Dog is Dead

Wild Goose Chase – Dark Dark Dark



Anne said:

Please please please Pink Floyd – either Shine on you crazy diamond or Money – either would be totes amazeballs


Helen said:

Can’t remember the name of the song, but chorus goes “gonna use it up, gonna wear it out, ain’t nothing left in this whole world I care about but 123shake your body down”


John said:

Running a bit late, but just in case I can still sneak a few in;

Tanglewood Tree by Dave Carter

Dream Operator by The Talking Heads


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